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Ordered a sample online in November, 2011 from Hydroxatone because their company boasts such fabulous results. "Only pay for shipping" is what this company claims.

Much to my surprise, I received not ONE, but TWO jars of cream within a week of ordering. Tried product for 2 weeks, but didn't see any results and developed a slight facial rash after 3 days. I placed a call to Customer Service to cancel my "Membership". Two weeks later I received an additional 2 jars (who in God's name can use 4 jars of facial cream in 2 months?) I called customer service again and was told just to return unused and unwanted merchandise, which is what I did.

Two weeks later I received ANOTHER 2 JARS.

I contacted customer service again and was told that I cannot return ANY unused merchandise for a refund EVER - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Since November 2011, my Discover credit card has been charged over $600.00 from these SCAM ARTISTS.

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at least you received something in the mail besides five...yes, five!

Hydroxatone Beauty separate envelopes mind you, filled my mailbox up today! What does 'each' one promise??

How much my elderly mother will just adore their product, only shipping charges either will apply or maybe already 'have been' applied to her bank account--- at least .95 per order--

So, appears I own or she owns, Hydroxatone FIVE ORDERS WITH BEAUTY DOLLARS EQUAL-40 DOLLARS PER/ and the date?

Get this!

The DATE IS FOR 2 WEEKS AGO----AUGUST 19th, 2015! (it's 28th, and her birthday was well, never mind---)

Can't help but wonder.........she better not be missing a cent from her account.

She has never ordered, nor has she received anything from this company!!! I have better things to do today, but don't like practices like this being ignored.......irritated in SC.

Sidney, Ohio, United States #897996

IT DON'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAM


I am having the same issues, canceled Bellaplex order then a week later I received a range of Luminique product. .. phoned customer services again etc etc

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #772503

I got scammed from these people too and Capital One is giving me a hard time reversing charges. Luminique is a slick scammer.

I'm ditching Capital One too, for such lousy customer service.

to anonymous Sacramento, California, United States #1265307






This company is a scam! My husband was charged $139 and was nearly sent to collections over an order that we never placed and a product we never received.

I received a statement in the mail (to our correct address) saying that we were 4 months past due on a payment for a free trial. The problem is that we have never heard of this company, and have never even received a product from them. I called the company immediately to sort the whole situation out and after giving the lady my statement information and asking why we were billed for something we didnt order she tried to sell me the product! i declined and asked for a conformation number saying that all the charges had been dropped and that we would not get any further notice from them.

After the call ended i decided to google the company and see if anyone else had been scammed by them and it turns out A LOT of people had. Being paranoid as we are in escrow to buy a house I called back just to ask for the conformation number again to see if it was just a *** number. I spoke with another "Rep" and when i asked for the conformation number of cancellation HE GAVE ME A DIFFERENT NUMBER!!! I was furious.

i now have 2 different conformation numbers and will be canceling all of our existing cards just to be safe that we are not charged by this fraud company!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #690062

I purchased hydroxatone cream and luminique 90 second wrinkle cream online, it was under the free trial.

I understood (as i read the fine print) that i would be charged in full for the products (unless i was not satisfied and i applied for a refund) and then i would be charged again every 3 months and sent a refill of the products. The hydroxatone was about $80 and i opted for some extras (inc luminique) which came to about $139. I was told on facebook that hydroxatone worked best when used with luminique.

After i bought them i went online and saw all the scam websites against the company, i was so worried so i tried to phone the company but could not get through, i called my credit card company that night and put a block on my card (after they had charged me the $139).

I understood that most people were complaining online because they got charged the full fee to their credit card when they thought it was a free trial, this calmed me down a bit as i think this is very naive, nothing is free, i myself had read the fine print and understood i would be charged unless i change my mind.

I do not work for this company, i am 30 years old, i'm a legal secretary living in Australia, i am writing this review to share my experience with this company to hopefully calm anyone down who may have just signed up to the free trial with the company (however i note i may have just been one of the lucky ones).

Anyway i got tied up with a few things so forgot to follow the company up again, then a week later my hydroxatone arrived and the luminique arrived the day after that (i threw out the packaging but i recall they appeared to come from the same address - but were sent separately), both packages came with the extra toner which was offered to me as a bonus for signing up for both products.

I then went online again and read some more reviews where i read that the product had burnt peoples skin and even after cancelling the trial people had been charged numerous times to their credit card, i also came across the site dedicated to the lawsuit against the company. So i then called hydroxatone again (quite worried at this stage) i got straight through to someone this time, i gave him my order number which was emailed to me previously, he found my account and i told him the items had arrived "but my financial situation had changed" so i wanted to cancel any future products. He did that for me and then said he would refund me $139 within the next 5 days, i said i only wanted to cancel any future orders, i was going to keep the products he sent me, so how come i was getting a refund? he said it was because i'd cancelled it within the 30 day period. I also asked if i had to cancel the luminique trial as i noticed they had a different phone number on their email, and the products did arrive separately. He advised i didn't have to and that he had cancelled both subscriptions for me.

I was still a bit worried about what i had read so i kept a close eye on the credit card statements, within 2 days the refund of the $139 had gone into my account, the only thing i had been charged was a $1.99 trial fee plus $4.20 x 2 which was an overseas processing fee when the amount came out of my account and then when it got refunded back to me. I also never had to sent the products back (unlike other stories i had read online)

I have tested the products on my arm and did not get a rash, i also looked up the ingredients online and they all appear to be safe (that is if what they put in the bottles are what they write on the bottles). I'm not a scientist but what i read said that the luminique mostly contained ingredients found in sunscreens, and the hydroxatone 90 second cream appeared safe but some people may have have an irritation if the product gets in their eye and they are sensitive to one of the ingredients (butylene glycol). The 90 second wrinkle reducer does say on the box that its only a temporary fix and it also came with written instructions.

After the refund got processed i cancelled my card and got a new one issued just to be safe however i'm wondering if i have just stressed out over nothing, my experience is nothing like what i am reading online so I wonder what percentage of complaints about this company are merely about the amount they charge you as people are not reading the fine print properly and are assuming they will only be charged $1.99 for the trial (which i think is their own fault).

However, what percentage of complaints were ones where the client was told they had to return the product to get the refund but were then told the product never arrived back to the company (from reading the reviews it looks like you have to send it back in a new envelope and pay for the postage, not mark "return to sender" as it will never arrive back, but it looks like people were sending the products back "return to sender"). Has the company changed their policies and is this why i didn't have to return anything to get a refund? What percentage of clients were in Australia like me, maybe the service is worse in different countries? or was i simply one of the lucky ones, if this is the case it's unfortunate that other people have lost their money.

All in all i am satisfied with the service i got, the packaging the products came in looks pretty dodgy but i think i will still trial them on my face and see how they work, i am glad i only ended up paying $10 for the products, but am a bit regretful of the stress that was caused from what i had read online and now my reluctancy to actually try the product out on my face. If it works though, who knows i may purchase more from the company.

to mel #884362

Hi. Will you be able to provide me the contact number you have used when you cancelled your order?

I am really hoping to cancel all future products from them. It's not working for me.

So please if you can help me that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Well, well, well. After repeatedly trying to contact this company by both phone and email, I just got a call from them saying that there was a problem with my order.

*** right, there was. When all attempts to phone them were futile and they refused to respond to my emails asking for the order to be cancelled, I cancelled my credit card. And what do you know, today is the 30th day since I placed my order for the 'RISK FREE TRIAL'(and cancelled by email 10 minutes later). No doubt they were about to bill me for more products.

When asked why I cancelled, I mentioned their appalling reputation and was told that they could not remain in business if they behaved unethically. A lot of scam companies seem to know how to circumvent the law and continue to trade after being exposed as crooks.


I am convinced the indignant denials of any wrongdoing by this company are made by employees/family members of the company. The same names pop up over and over again, many of which I suspect are the same person using different identities..

I have seen them claim that all criticisms of the product or company are made by people who are jealous of their success and out to destroy them. How ludicrous.


So my sister did the Free trial with them off my fiance's card which she thought was just for that price. Anyway, once we were told we're going to be billed the extra money, soon as the shipment came, we shipped it back the very next day.

I waited 3-4 days to call and see if they received my product, one guy answers te phone and he says no we didn't receive it but it sounds like you're being 100% true. He then proceeds to tell me that I will not be billed and everything is fine. Now here I am with my fiancé now going haywire because they billed his account and put his account in the negatives. (we only use the card to pay bills online).

Anyway, I believe the previous posters because this is just insane. I shipped back the products and they weren't even USED. They tried to tell me to keep the Bellaplex and I would not be billed, I said *** no and shipped that back along with the others. I cannot believe them!

I'm so pissed off! They better be lucky they don't have 24 hr customer service in the U.S.

because I would definitely be giving them a peace of my mind. :(


I had a similar experience re: the "risk free trial". I did everything they required and spoke/wrote to their customer service numerous times, but they repeatedly did not follow up and my debit card continued to be charged.

My recent solution: I contacted my bank, disputed Hydroxatone's additional charges, and discontinued my debit card so they could no longer add charges to it. My bank then issued me a new debit card, necessitating that I contact all my ongoing monthly creditors that utilized the previous card number.

PS Also want to add that the product didn't work -- as a matter of fact I think my wrinkles got worse! :)

PPS I suspect that a number of the positive comments here are from Hydroxatone people -- I had multiple contacts (at least 10) with their customer service via email and phone experience; in all cases, there was no resolve; worse, there was clearly evasive/deceptive behavior that did not reflect the "risk free trial", extended the time and resulted in additional charges.


:) I am not sure if these comments are true or someone out there selling other beauty creams and bash Hydrxatone. When I first purchased this item, I called and canceled the prescription.

Customer service was extremely nice, I mailed back my empty jar & was refunded my money & got to keep the free jar. I now call customer service to place my orders, they have even given me 6 $40 off an order cupons. I love the product.

I am a customer, not a sales person. They will probably delete my comment since it is a positive one.


:grin :grin


I called their customer service and they pretty much did whatever I wanted. You can buy Hydroxatone pretty much anywhere online and even in a few stores. Its definitely not a scam - -what out for ambulance chasers like the one above who just want to use you so they can collect a HUGE fee.


Hi there.

Hydroxatone offers a risk-free trial. We do this to give customers a chance to try our products before buying them. We are sorry your experience was not what you expected and we really hope you give our products another chance. Our risk-free trial comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This means, if you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can call our customer service and return the products to avoid being charged for the merchandise. It is our goal that our customers have a positive and rewarding experience with both our products and our service.

We’re also sorry that we have been experiencing some difficulties with our international phone lines. This issue has been resolved. If you have any further questions please, please contact us using the information below:

USA/Canada (800) 672-2259 (8 am – 10 pm EST)

Australia (0011) 800-2358-7491 (24 hours)

New Zealand (00) 800-2358-7491 (24 hours)

Great Britain (00) 800-2358-7491 (24 hours)

You can also email us directly at FBHXsupport@hydroxatone.com to let us know how we can help.

Please note that some mobile phone carriers do not allow toll free 800 numbers to the USA to connect. We suggest using a landline if you are having trouble with your mobile carrier.

to Hydroxatone Dallas, Texas, United States #606310

HYDROXATONE... You guys dont seem to be having any trouble your 800 583 5592 number... you know the one where your *** unwanted robo calls are calling my cell phone 3 to 4 times a day.

Once I answered the number to ask to be removed from the list, it was an some Indian Guy claiming I owed $69 to your company.

Guess what??? I never done business with your company and I have no intention of EVER doing business with you. I really have no idea how you even got my number.

So yes in my opinion you are running a scam! :?

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